Weddings & Parties

Weddings and parties

The decision to start arranging parties and weddings may seem easy. But it was not. Did we really grasp what taking responsibility for the most important hours in someone’s life means? After a long debate of we were able to confidently say that we could. Today we have a large number of successful parties and weddings under our belt and we look humbly on the opportunity to turn your party or wedding into some of the finest hours of your life. Let us!


An evening at Lundqvist & Lindqvist?

Both our venues are truly great places to host a party. They have their individual charm and unique style.

When you walk down the stairs to the dining hall at Klara Stand your instantly struck by the 12 meter high ceilings. Everything is set acoording to your wishes and even we are uncertain of the limits.

At the Match Palace everything starts with a drink in the perfectly round courtyard. If it rains or is cold it will be served in the upstairs lounge. The dinner tbles are set in “Ivars dinningroom” And afterwards their will be coffee, liquors and dance dance dance.


Your day, exactly as you like it.

It’s been a while since you made up your mind and now you stand there waiting. In a minute or two the rest of your life will begin. When you look up you realize that everyone you love are gathered there for your sake. And then he/she emerges. Your shadows disappear into each other’s. It is you now.

A wedding at The Match Palace has many of the thing and qulaitys yos read about in the fairy tales. Lovely architecture, top menues and lots and lots of extra features so that you are able to customise your wedding the way you want it. The only thing we konow for sure is that this will be a day you never forget.