About us

Welcome home

Creating a home is a lifetime endeavour. Some corner, window or room always needs tweaking. Our homes mature patiently, reflecting quirky schemes and bad ideas. Loves that come and go. Memories made and forgotten. Sorrow that overwhelms and passes. All in a place that is safe, compassionate and almost complete. It’s the same with our conference rooms. They’re ours and they’ll never be completely finished. Welcome to our home.


Rooms and suits in Stockholm

We have close collaborations with two hotels in Stockholm for when your meeting calls for a stay over.

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Did you hear when…

There are plenty of stories, both from the Match Palace and Klara Strand. Here are two we love to tell over and over. Enjoy!   Read more

Our force

We are Lundqvist & Lindqvist

Sure, we have conference rooms, great food, a web page, an Instagram account and a board of directors. But without our wonderful employees we are nothing. Here you find contact information to a selected few. Read more